Monday, April 14, 2008

TJ Lost His First Tooth!

Well, we have reached a momentous occassion here in the Balentine household - TJ is minus one tooth. The funniest thing is that this tooth was not even wiggly this morning, but somehow became just wiggly enough at school, that he got it out on his own. He said he was a little worried that I was going to be mad and tell him that that tooth was not supposed to come out :-)

Not that I am counting or anything, but TJ only has 29 more days of school. I only have 31...:-)

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Um...Let's Give This Another Try (again)

OK, to say that it has been forever would be a major understatement. I will really try this time. At least one post a month...I think I should be able to handle that.

I just wanted to post some pictures of TJ from his recent trip to the dentist. He needed to get his first filling (not a milestone that I am that proud of). Because of the numbness on his bottom lip, he sucked and bit it quite frequently. These pictures show the result. He ended up staying home from school for 2 days because of how infected it had gotten.

The other marks around his lips are just ketchup. (we had just come from Burger King:-) )